Music From A Jewish Carpenter
About the Composer, Artist

  Audrey L Green is a wife of  41 years to the same man. She is the mother of four children and 11 grandchildren. One of the grandchildren, Abram, went to be with the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of 4 months after heart surgery.
      Audrey is an oncology, psychiatric registered nurse, B.S.N.
 by profession and works at a Cancer Center. She has been a nurse for 24 years.
       She has been a Christian since the age of 12 years old but can remember at the age of 5 sitting and looking at the old Family Bible staring at the pictures feeling the presence of God! Her father told her right before he died that as a newborn baby he had made her a babybed out of an apple cart and one night he woke up with the room filled with choking black smoke from a kerosene heater. He ran to her apple cart bed thinking she might
have died from smoke inhalation but there was only clear white light around her bed. The Lord's Hand had been on her even as a child. Her parents were not professing Christians and did not attend church but she always felt the tug of Jesus on her heart. Her Mother later did accept the Lord.
   At the age of 19, she accepted  Jesus as the Lord of her life and started seeking to truly know Him, not just know about Him. He came in like a flood and she was never the same.
    Recently in August 2008, the miracle happened . Now she can lay
her hands on the keyboard and the Lord Jesus gives her new songs or she will start singing a song to herself out of the blue and realizes it is a new song from her Lord. 
In a dream she told her husband:
" The Lord is giving me these songs for His coming". What you hear is a supernatural miracle of the Holy Spirit.
The money from purchases will help produce more songs and support Christian ministries that send the message of the Gospel around the world. 

The Main purpose of these songs is to help people feel and know the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ and bring Him true Worship.