Music From A Jewish Carpenter

   What Should  I Do Now That I am a Christian ?
1.Pray every day entering  into God"s presence in the name of Jesus.

2.Come into His presence with Thanksgiving and Praise.

3. Confess your sins daily and ask the Lord to help you.

4. Make you requests to the Lord specific and give Him thanks for
His answers according to His Will.

5.Wait Patiently on the Lord and let His peace guide you.

6. Read The Bible,which is God's inspired Word daily.Ask the Holy Spirit who now lives in you to open your eyes, ears and heart to understand
  what you are reading.

7. Attend a Christian Church to help you grow in your new faith and to find the purpose for which you were created.

 8. Give all of yourself to the Lord and he will multiply it back to you by
the hundreds.

9. Help the poor, hungry and brokenhearted and deliver the oppressed .
    Not to earn your salvation;which is a Free gift but as the Lord leads you in His service.

10. Bless the Jewish people as they are the Apple of His Eye Forever

            Look up ! for your Redeemer is Coming Soon!