Music From A Jewish Carpenter
       Music From the Master Builder, Jesus Christ.

One day on the way to work as a nurse at a cancer center, I began singing a song called " Do Not Fear or Be Dismayed " inspired by God. When I realized I could remember the tune and words, I grabbed a piece of paper from my purse and wrote the words down. Then on the 3rd day when I was off from work I went to my 100 year old piano and suddenly I could play the music without written notes. A MIRACLE was occurring. Then it was like the floodgates were opened and one new song after another came pouring out.  What you hear is a Miracle from the Holy Spirit. Enjoy !
           All Honor, Praise, Power, and Glory to Jesus
who took these untrained, untalented hands and used them for His Story .
                                     Audrey L Green

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 I Have a Dream, It is His DREAM "                          
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